Meg Miller

Veterinary Technician


Meg Miller is a dedicated professional with over 4 years of hands-on experience in agriculture and animal sciences. She has worked in various roles, starting as a Veterinary Technician in March 2018 and later expanding her expertise as a teaching assistant for Biology of Animal Production and a farm hand. Meg is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in General Agriculture at the University of Missouri, with a focus on Animal Science and Agribusiness Management. She is also seeking minors in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. With her extensive background and ongoing education, Meg is well-equipped to manage farms, homesteads, and educational settings, sharing her knowledge and passion for agriculture and animal care.

Meg Miller - Veterinary Technician

Working Experience Of

4 yrs

In Agriculture & With Animals

Currently Working Towards


In General Agriculture at the University of Missouri


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